Over the years I have struggled with reading, spelling and pronunciation of words, and difficulty putting pen to paper.  I can now look back and see the amazing tools that technology has brought to people with dyslexia this has enabled me to take a different view of the word dyslexic. Everybody will have varying degrees of dyslexia, some people will get by with little help needed, unfortunately I am one of those people who now rely on computer technology.

The first thing is to go along to a dyslexic society in your area  and see what help is available. One of the most important things is to ask the person who is helping you to suggest utilities suitable for your needs.  Ask  them have you used these computer software tools yourself.  Every utility has its pluses but I have found some very expensive programmes not user-friendly.

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How I use  - Audio Notetaker with a HTC smart phone

Settings I use in - Dragon naturally speaking
What is line reader ,How I use line reader,
What is TexAloud ,how I use TexAloud
What is spell catcher plus, how I use spell catcher plus
What is Edraw Max, how I use Edraw Max
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What is audio notetaker- how I use audio notetaker
About the headset I use with -  Dragon naturally speaking
What is a - Reading Pen and how I use this tool
How I use  - Audio Notetaker with a ipod touch

What is - ClaroView
What is Elear Edit
When I write an article I use Microsoft Word with Dragon naturally speaking as soon as I start speaking the words appear in Microsoft Word when the article is finished I use clear edit to scan the article this will give  suggestions on how I can improve the article.

When surfing the Internet when I come across articles I'm interested in I use Text Aloud to read the text out loud in a natural voice.

There are occasions where I need to type into text boxes, this is where spell catcher plus comes in this will pick up on any words I spell incorrect and give me a word list to choose the correct word. The programme will speak the selected  word from the word list this is a really useful tool. I also have text phrases like my e-mail address and my home address I activate a hot key and the information will appear.

When I'm studying I use Line Reader This programme will put a line onto the text so I can easily follow what I'm reading and it stops me from losing my place.

When I'm using my computer I use Claro View this will put a colour filter over any application.

When I'm making notes I use my  Smart Phone I simply record my notes then transfer them over to my computer using audio notetaker programme.

When I have ideas or problems I need to work out I use Edraw Max brain storming template.

When I am out and about in the community I use my electronic reading pen this is an amazing electronic device I scan the text with the reading pen, I press a button and text is read out to me.

How I use  - Penfriend XL and Penfriend XL usb portable
What is Eyegreeable -  now I use it every day