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Plantronics USB CS60 Wireless Headset
My current headset is a Plantronics wireless USB CS 60  this microphone has been out for quite some time now. The microphone module can be attached to different styles of headbands these include behind the head style,and over head style. there is also the simple ear  type mounting styles, for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I recommend using the overhead style this makes the headset very stable and very comfortable to wear.The headset is very light and has a very good battery life. I've tested this microphone using Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12.5 with the television on in the background, I find the accuracy amazing. It's important to make a good profile in Dragon NaturallySpeaking. After making the profile go into the audio settings in the toolbar of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, then read text to improve accuracy. Each time you read a new article Dragon NaturallySpeaking improves its accuracy as it learns the way you use words from your vocabulary , this is only achievable by using a quality microphone,  you can still get hold of the Plantronics wireless USB CS 60  headset from online stores Plantronics they have brought out a replacement model  called Plantronics Savi W440 USB Headset,  I have not tested this headset has I am very happy  with my existing wireless USB CS 60 headset.

Overhead headband is my favourite version
Behind the neck headband version
Charging docking station
Different style of over the ear fittings
This is my favourite current headset using the overhead style headband with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5 premium