Slinky seismometers kit
Seismometer Interface (USB
The USB Seismometer Interface replaces the older (RS-232 port based) SEP Seismometer electronics. The default gain and sample rate settings match those recommended for use with the SEP Seismometer, meaning it can be used as a drop in replacement without any configuration. The device appears as a Virtual Com Port when connected via USB, hence can still be used with software such as Amaseis. The sample rate defaults to 20.032Hz and the gain defaults to the lowest setting, equivalent to 0.64ÁV/ count, which is the closest to the original electronics

Clear Acrylic Tube
(134mm x 3mm x 500mm)
Rigid Plastic Perspex Pipe
Arduino Prototype
Manual Hand Electric Dual-purpose Coil Winder Winding Machine