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Micks bird drink feeder  using recyclable plastic drinks bottle
Make sure you have the white plastic pushed to the open position, then Drill a Small hole through the white plastic indicated in red, drill another hole on the opposite side this will allow the water to flow into the source. You need a medium size plastic lid off a coffee jar, or some other recyclable plastic lid this will be used to hold the water for your bird  drink feeder. For sticking the pieces together I used a hot melt glue gun, apply some glue to the end of the white plastic top try to keep the glue on the white plastic top and not where the hole is in the middle, stick this in the centre of your recyclable plastic lid, when the glue is set you need  need to stick a piece of garden cane  on the underside of the plastic lid, so the birds have a perch. To make the feeder work you need a very fine hole approximately 1 mm or smaller in the plastic bottle indicated by a  red dot. Fill the  container full of water, screw the top on , then turn it upside down,  water should start to fill the container lid.

You may have to slightly undo the lid , as soon as the water starts to flow and you see bubbles rising up inside the bottle stop unscrewing, after a couple minutes the pressure will equalise , the water will stop flowing. When the water level drops it will refill the container automatically.

1 . Drill Hole
2. Glue to Centre of Lid
3 . Drill 1mm Holl
4. Glue Stick to the
bottom of the lid