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Protecting  E- vane and the vortex wind sensor

The vortex wind sensor does not have any voltage it uses a simple reed switch. This device connects to the surge protection dedicated for the vortex on the circuit board.

Electronic E-vane

This device is connected to a voltage snapback circuit, there is a LED which eliminates to indicate the  5 v line is working correctly, this voltage line has a fuse connected  to protect from cable shorts .

E-vain uses a  5 V supply coming from windworks interface  this goes to a Hall effect sensor, and varies  the voltage output  by using a magnetic field .

There is a double snapback circuit,  one for the 5 V supply and one for the output voltage supply and ground.

Circuit board surge protection
connected to the windworks
interface .This will protect the
windworks electronics.

Circuitboard designed
by Michael Parry-Thomas
Surge Protection Circuit Board
This protection circuit is now on line.