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As soon as the surface of the sensor becomes wet it triggers a really inside the system.
This in turn will signal to the moisture sensor and start recording the duration of the rain period in whether display software as soon as it stops raining.

A small heater inside the device will dry the surface and set the relay to off which will signal to weather display no more rain.
At the moment weather display software does not accommodate this device on its own data being recorded in sharing in the wet leaf Sensor

The Sensor needs a 12 V dc supply.

I am using the hobby board, power injection device.  I have connected device to the unregulated D. C. supply
which has 15 V due to the location there is a voltage drop down to 12 V

1Wire Rain duration sensor
Moisture  board
Power Injector
The sensor itself as a very small surface area
to make the sensor  more efficient I have put a formal as a collector for the rain
and also in the top disc there are some small holes to allow water

The sensor has been replaced with the non-tipping rain gauge

Settings for weather display

These are the settings I have used for my rain duration sensor Fig1

If you would like the sensor to activate light rain for weather display live Used the settings in Fig2

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This sensor is no longer online it has been replaced by the non-tipping rain gauge