PCB SMD Converter Board + headers

DS2438Z Integrated Circuit Case SOIC8
HIH-4000-001 Honeywell S&C; Sensor , Humidity , 2.54mm , Sip

My humidity and temperature solar circuit board module was supplied from Hobby Boards  they have recently stopped trading so I decided to make a similar circuit using a single sided board. The printed circuit board is bigger as I wanted to use very little surface mounted components.

Solar sensor
The model can be connected to the 1 wire network using 1 of the three alternative power settings (1) external trannsformer 12 V DC,  (2) 5 V DC power line from network  (3) 12 V DC power line from network

The module can be connected using external power from a 12 V DC transformer by having JP1 jumper closed. I am using a power injection board to get  power supplied to the green wire 5 Vdc and the brown and white wire 12 Vdc.

To connect the module using 5 V dc the jumper JP1 must be open and a link lead pushes onto the 5 V input pin and then to terminal block number 2 indicated in green in the same terminal block you connect your green wire from the network cable which as the 5 Vdc  supplied from your power injection module.

Another option is to use the 12 Vdc which is supplied from the power injection module on the brown and white cable and the -0 V on the brown cable .you have to have jumper JP1 closed, this is easy to connect to. by connecting the brown and white cable

to the terminal block 7 and a link wire to the 12 V DC terminal block, next connect the negative ground wire on terminal 8 and run a wire link to the -0v terminal block.

This gives me alternative ways to connect the power to the module.

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