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This is how I have mounted the 1 wire solar sensor

I first cut off the photodiode, that is on the hobby board circuit board please make a note of the polarity
you will see a small indicator on the diode please make sure this is wired exactly the same way

Solder two wires onto the photodiode thread the wires through a small white tube and then apply
some sealant in the top of the tube then push in firmly so you see the photodiode protruding above the tube

Make a small hole in a table tennis ball apply some sealant around the hole and push in the photodiode
which is housed in the small plastic tube

I decided to use a white circular disc in theory this should reflect the light when the sun is positioned
at a low angle  I have drilled a hole and pushed in the small plastic tube into it

I then mounted another tube into the waterproof box , on top of this I have mounted the white circular disc
which has the photodiode tube mounted into the table tennis ball

Mounting a 1 wire hobby board solar sensor
The plastic tube to mount the photodiode was the body of a white plastic Biro pen

Circle was cut from some 5mm white plastic I had lying around in my garage

Tube coming from the box is standard electrical plastic conduit pipe
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