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Using your iPod Touch with Audio Notetaker

You can use your iPod touch to record audio notes, the application I use is called voice memos,  press the red button to start recording your message, you must remember to use a small microphone or use the headphones which have a small microphone built-in, the iPod touch does not have a built-in microphone.

After creating your audio note connect the iPod touch to your computer.  iTunes will open up and import your audio note into a folder called voice memo the audio will be in a *. m4a format, for this to work in audio notetaker you will need to convert the file into a *.wav I use Nero WaveEditor to convert the file. Go to www.download.com you will find many audio converters some of them are free, have a look at the applications you have on your computer you may already have an audio programme that can convert audio files into different formats once your file is converted you can then import it into audio notetaker.

Voice memos application
On the iPod touch
Images from iTunes showing the folder where the voice menus are automatically imported, you can see recording number one which has the name of the date and time.

Headphones with Microphone
on the back of the volume control