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Printing with inkjet printer can be expensive, the printer I am using is a  Epson stylus Sx235W. Genuine Epson ink cartridges for this system can be purvchased in different brands. The Apple brand costs approximately 48.00 for a set of colours, the Fox brand is cheaper. A full set costs approximately 30.00, it's worth shopping around you probably could even get them cheaper on eBay, there are some companies who will refill your empty cartridges at a much cheaper rate.
Over the past few years I've used a CISS continuous ink system , a continuous ink system consists, of colour tanks with silicon tubing which feeds the ink into a block of cartridges  , most systems, come with  ink .when you have  No ink left in a cartridge. All you have to do is press a reset button on the cartridges. Some have a button on each colour. Some manufacturers use one button to reset all the cartridges

Another system is where you can get an empty cartridge which has been modified so you can refill it. I like this system as each cartridge has it's own reset button, and there is no silicon tubing moving across backwards and forwards, which sometimes
can cause problems if they are not properly fitted.With the cartridge system, you simply fill with the required amount of ink, put them in your printer and you're ready to start printing, as soon as they are empty you simply refill them and press a reset switch and you're set to carry on printing

Inkjet printers waste a lot of ink when you clean your printer heads , all that waste ink could be recycled

I recommend a waste tank system form www.octoinkjet.co.uk, the waste tank system consists of a tank or bag with a closed valve system and a connecting tube.

Connecting a waste system to the Epson stylus Sx235W is straightforward . You will need to make a small hole in the back of the printer, this will enable you
to locate the waste pipe. You pull the waste pipe through the hole and connect your waste ink system using the connection fittings which are supplied in your kit

Template for the Epson stylus SX235W

Printout the template checks that the measurements are correct 75 mm x 112 mm,  cut out the small oblong shape, position your printer so you are looking at the back   template to the right side edge of your printer. The top edge aligns with the line in the plastic moulding and make sure the right edge is aligned to the printer moulding  draw around the small oblong , you then cut this out , I used a small drill in each corner , then carefully use a sharp knife , which enabled me to remove the plastic from the printer.  You could drill a hole to the size of the oblong by marking out the centre of it, so you'll end up with a larger round hole.

Preparing your printer for a waste ink system for Epson stylus Sx235W
In this image. You can see I cut out a larger area, the back of the printer overlaps 2 pieces of plastic, if you use the template you will need to cut through one piece of plastic as there is already a cutout in the second layer.

You should see a black tube. use some tweezers to pull the pipe through the opening the pipe will stretch a little you just need enough to able to push on the connector Which is supplied in your waste kit
The next thing is to tidy this area up find a piece of thick card or some rigid plastic     cut out an oblong shape bigger than the hole you have made in your printer, this is going act as a retaining plate. Put some double sided tape on the back of the card or plastic, drill out a small hole to the size of the fitting connector that comes in the kit,

Indicating the waste ink Tube
Indicating optional round hole
continuous inking system
Refill empty cartridges
with Chip ink level reset switch
Bag Waste ink  System
Please go to Octoinkjet  for more information about waste ink  system
Box Waste ink System
Recycling waste ink from a inkjet printer
With your waste ink system fitted, every time your printer cleans your printer heads the waste ink will flow into the Waste box ,save the waste ink in a plastic bottle, when I refill my black cartridge. I use 50% of waste to 50%.new black ink

Using a waste tank system with a refillable chip reset cartridge or continues ink system will save you money, when I refill my cartridges. They cost me approximately 38pence each.

The simple steps to connect a waste recycled inkjet kit

STEP 1  Cut out a hole in the back of printer

STEP 2  Use tweezers to pull the pipes through the opening and then connect the waste pipe connector

STEP 3  Connect pipe to your waste kit box/bag system

Indicating retaining plate
Indicating connector fitting