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How to Make the Sky IR Sensors + UV ,Solar,Light ,Rain
11/03/07 Parts List IR MAIN Board
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Circuit Diagram
PCB Artwork
UV Project
Add-on PCB
Parts list Link
Solar Project
Add-on PCB
Parts list Link
Soldering components
(1) --- 15 ohms 5 watts
  wire wound resistor

12 V DC power supply
Infrared hardware
PICAXE Code and Test Files download install Python
Creating graphs
(Step 1)  Install components on the infrared circuit board
(Step 2)  Assemble Ir hardware.

(Step 3) testing circuit board  using testing programme file
(Step 4) .  install small utility programme to create a datafile

(Step 5)    build  UV sensor add-on module
(Step 6)     build solar sensor add-on module
(Step 7)   Creating graphs
(Step 1)
(Step 2)
(Step 3)
(Step 2B)
Parts List IR MAIN Board
Old graphics card heatsink
(Step 2A)
DB9 Hardware
Schematic artwork, Circuit board artwork where redrawn  from diagrams supplied by  "Niko of weather-watch" functional test programmes supplied by "Niko of weather-watch"  Thank you for all the help. Circuit boards, were made in-house assembled and tested Weather-Above.com
RS232 Db9 Female Plug
(Step 4A)
(Step 5) 
(Step 6)