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Printed circuit board small etching tank
I used a Clear plastic container with a sealed led, I brought this from Wilko size 1.5 L {barcode number < 0317 2544>
5 mm sheet scrap plastic (the plastic used was from an old sign that had sticky letters stuck to it)
1x Plastic Airline Tube Air Tubing Connectors (approximately 0.99)
1x Plastic Container (approximately 2.99)
1x  fish tank air curtain {approximately 1.99)
1 x  fish tank air pump (available at pet stores approximately 6.00)
1 Meter of plastic silicon air pump piping (approximately 1.00)
1 x  plastic aquarium Tank One Way Check Valves (available at pet stores  approximately 2.00)
1 x Plastic fish tank air regulator  (available from pet stores  approximately 0.99)

2 x Small cable ties and 2x Large cable ties

1 pack of  plastic bag clips there are 3 in a packet
(I purchased these from Aldi food shop)
You need to remove the inner plastic rods, I used these to make the frame to hold a circuit board in place during etching, and a piece of plastic going across the bottom which stiffens the frame,the top piece of plastic moves up-and-down on the plastic rods this forms the  lid.
Fasten two of the small cable ties to the rods,fasten them as tight as you can  so they do not slipdown on their own ,cut a small piece of the large cable tie and use hot melt glue to fasten to the small cable ties, this should move up and down so you can use different sized boards in the tank.
First you need to cut a slit in the top of the  lid,  make this to your maximum size board,use a drill to make two holes . Use a fret saw to cut  along to form a slit, because the plastic is very brittle take care in this process,( if you do split the plastic lid continue and mount a piece of plastic with a slit previously cut ,glue this over the top.)
Drill a small hole for the air pipe which will connect to the  air curtain, drill a second larger whole I use this to put a thermometer in to keep an eye on the etching liquid temperature, use a rubber grommet to stop it from slipping into the tank, it can be kept in place all the time
Air pump
Air curtain
One Way Check Valves
Tubing Connectors
Tools used

Stanley knife 
Hand drill
1x11 mm Drill bit
1x 6 mm Dril lbit
1  fret saw
Designed by Michael Parry-Thomas