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Circuit board clean box dryer
When I make my circuit boards I use a photoresist spray, this process involves degreasing the circuit board and then spraying on the photoresist lacquer, this needs to dry in a dark place. Normally I would cover them up and leave them for 24 hours to dry, after close inspection I noticed dust particles in the surface of the lacquer, I decided to make a clean box dryer. Basically I took a  medium plastic box which has a split lid, to speed up the drying time I fitted a fan with a speed control and a filter , the airflow comes in from the top of the box through a filter and out through the gaps of the front.  I had a spare fan in my junk box the fan is too powerful to use on full power, I fitted a power controller this allows me to vary the speed of the fan.I would recommend using a 12 V DC fan with a transformer.

Speed controller
Power connection box
Template for holes

Power control module
Filter box

The box I am using is semitransparent, this  is stored in a dark corner of my garage  you could use a coloured plastic box this  should stop any UV from getting inside
The metal tray was part of a old video recorder box ,
Folding Plastic door
The plastic folding door folds over to the top of the box