Is love like the energy between steel and a magnet?
There is energy between the two, you can feel the invisible flow.
You are pulled towards each other, slowly the seasons pass without any sense.
You become totally magnetized now we become one, a new process starts.
We start to repel like two magnets the energy is so intense.
Disaster could strike, so much metal around, so easy to start the process over again.
With God in the middle. He turns all the energy inwardly towards him insulating.
Us from the surrounding steel, this relationship can only come from God,
A true relationship within.

Welcome to Weather-Above
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I started my life, being lifted up.
Sunshine's on me. I become airborne for the night.
God has called me for a mission possible.
He will hold me up, as I surf, on his breath.
Building me up to maximum strength
I can see, my mission ahead.
Down, he sends me target ahead.
Wheat seeds for new life to be
in a flash. My mission is complete.
Wow, can you see, I am only a small part of God's plan.
This is me a droplet of life, I am more to be.
You may, eat me for this is the will of God's plan.
food for ---------- your name -------- you are part of God's plan

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