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I have now replaced my wind  sensors with a VORTEX & E-Vane both these devices are connected to windworks interface box.  From the interface box there is a USB lead that connects to the PC for the device to work with weather display you need to install the drivers, these are obtained by following the download instructions from the manufacturer. When you have the drivers and software installed you  need to run Wind- works software and select a com port for the device, after selecting an available com port close down the windworks programme
then run your weather display programme click on the control panel then go to the com port set up and click on the Inspeed vortex set up
and select the relevant information for your devices, please see the image  for the settings I have used in weather display.

This electronic wind vane represents the latest technology in wind sensing: a balanced wind direction vane with a near-zero friction bearing and a high accuracy magnetic angle sensor to provide precision wind direction. Unique locking feature allows you to easily set "North" regardless of mounting
Description from manufacturer
Rugged wind sensor handles speeds from 5 to over 125 mph. Reed switch/magnet provides one pulse per rotation. Comes with exterior grade wire.
E-Vane and vortex , wind works interface surge protection,-------E-Vane and vortex , wind works interface surge protection-----E-Vane and vortex , wind works interface surge protection-------