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I use text allowed to read any text on my computer, I use one of the natural speaking voices. If you go to the main website you can hear the differences in the voices, when you install the programme you have the option to install toolbars. .I recommend installing any of the ones that suit your applications. I am using a toolbar in Firefox web browser and one in Microsoft Word, any text on the screen I wish to be read out to me ,I just click on the speak button on the toolbar, sometimes there are words I cannot pronounce, using text allowed overcomes this problem .I select the word then text aloud reads it back to me, there are many options, you can have the programme set so when you select any text and copy it text aloud will automatically read this back to you I've used this programme for several years and found it to be very reliable it is one of the most important tools I use on my computer, you can  turn text documents into audio MP3 files  this allows you to hear them played on any MP3 player, there are options where you can use different voices with in the document. With my dyslexia I tend to use it for reading individual words which I struggle to pronounce and reading large blocks of text.

Microsoft Word with the add-in toolbar for text aloud
Main program window
Optional Floating toolbar
Text Aloud Screen Reader