USB 2.0 Male to Female RJ45 LAN Extender Extension Adapter Cable up to 150FT
VS1 RS232 Female Plug 
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The  VS1  seismometer instrument has a 5 m standard lead.  I needed it to reach a location of 45 m from my computer the only way I could do this is using a USB to RJ45 extension adapter they come with a receiver and a sender they cost approximately 3.99 these adapters do not have an external power supply but they will work up to  150 feet , the  seismometer instrument has its own power supply, therefore the more expensive versions of the adapter was not needed in this situation but if you have something that needs USB power I would recommend buying their version which has its own USB power adapter basically this supplies USB voltage from a plug-in transformer

The next thing is to purchase the length of cat5 cable you need I ordered  45 m  of cable with moulded RJ 45 plugs on either end , feed the cable from the location of the  seismometer instrument to the location of your computer ,

You will need  a USB 2.0 Male RS232 adapter for converting the SV1 seismometer RS232 Plug

(0) connect the  VS1 seismometer RS232 To the USB 2.0 Male RS232 adapter (1)

(2) connect the  USB 2.0 Male to the  Female RJ45 LAN Extender Extension Adapter

(3) plug in the cat5 extension lead into the Female RJ45 sender extension adapter
(4) plug in the other end of the cat5 extension lead in to the  female RJ45 receiver  adapter

(5) plug in the USB male plug from the receiver adapter into a spare USB port socket on your computer

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