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Suppressor for DS9097U
Protecting sensors
1-Wire Surge Protection
After reading several articles, I decided to install a surge protector circuit to protect the 1 wire weather station
lightning strikes can cause a large magnetic field this can play havoc with the electronic devices
and may even damage than

The surge protection circuit is from Philip Gladstone Please click on the link to read more about his circuit

I decided to make two small circuit board,  the program I used is called PCB Wizard 3
this is an excellent program to use

I would like to thank Philip Gladstone for the information and help
on his design and sharing it
Suppressor for DS9097U  Parts List

2/ Resistors: 22 Ohm
3/ 1N5404 diode
1/ ZENER 1.5KE7.5A 7.5V  
Note Philip Gladstone spec is a Zener
(TVS): 1.5KE10ACCCT -- 10 Volt
1500 Watt Unidirectional
3/ Terminal Blocks
Protecting sensors Parts List

1/ 47Ohm resistor
1/ 12v  0.5W Zener Diodes
2/ 1N4005
2/  Terminal Blocks
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Protecting sensors
Suppressor for DS9097U
Please note these images are not to the correct size
Circuitboard designed
by Michael Parry-Thomas