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Serial Splitter
Weather-Above is using a programme called serial splitter, we had a situation where we have two programmes needing the same data from a serial port.   AmaSeis is the one we use for processing the data from the earthquake instrument, the data is then displayed in the Helicorder,The problem is we cannot run AmaSeis and BBC BASIC together because they both need the data from comport two this is where serial splitter comes in.This programme has many options:  split, join, redirect, share, complex bundles ,I am using the option  share , using this feature of the programme serial splitter shares one real port among multiple applications, all the applications will receive the same data from one serial port simultaneously. Each application will think that it is working with a serial port in exclusive mode and will be able also to send data to a real serial port,  using this option it has enabled me to run AmaSeis and BBC BASIC at the same time using the data from one serial port which both programmes need. Serial splitter has lots of options it is an outstanding programme, I would recommend going to their website to read about all the different programmes they offer.

In this image you can see the connected applications
the serial port has a converter USB -- serial CH340 this is the real comport

Connected applications
AmaSeis  {earthquake data programme)
BBC BASIC (Earth Tilt)

Two applications simultaneously receiving data from one comport.
For more information please go to http://www.eltima.com/products/serialsplitter/