Standard Package  consists the following

Main display unit {WMR928NX}
Anemometer {WGR918N}
Thermo-hygrometer {THGR918N}
Rain gauge {PCR918N}
Baro-thermo-hygrometer {BTHR918N}
12V AC Adapter

Sensors added to the Standard Package

3 Channel Temperature Probe  :: THC238    { 1/ on the surface of a 400mm X 400mmConcrete slab }

1 / Funnel for modifying the rain gauge
1/  Home made rain gauge heater
1/  Home made  Radiation shield
2/ Repeater Transmitters

Welcome to Weather-Above
1 wire weather station
We are no longer using the Professional  Oregon Scientific Wireless Model WMR928NX
Cheddleton weather station has been updated to a one wire weather station

Project Mods and info
Calibration tools
Mobile tools
Davies rain gauge conversion