Welcome to Weather-Above
Weather measurements taken with a Wireless Oregon Weather Station,
Model WMR928NX  and transferred to my computer using a RS232 link
software being used Weather Display and Weather Display Live
The rain gauge has been modified
by placing a funnel
in the top of the rain gauge
with a new diameter of 200mm.

The original resolution 1mm { 0.04 inch }

200mm which will give me a tipping value of 0.25mm
Funnal is now installed on the rain gauge 02/05/2006

Radiation shield
This is entirely a homebrew
I have remounted the fan
in the second saucer from the top.
The airflow is flowing up from the bottom out through the top,
the sensor is mounted midway .
The fan is running on a transformer 4.5 V.
The mounting saucer for the sensor has been cut out so that the wide ring
will defuse the airflow around the centre and stop any impurities actually going into the  sensor.
Added some insulation in the top and bottom of the shield .
Added bug guard to the bottom air flow hole
The sensor has been remounted on a 5ft post North facing  to give more accuracy 07/06/2006
Calibrated Check with Whirling hydrometer  {identical}

I have recently added a homebrew solar sensor April 2006

This Sensor has been replaced with a hobby boards 1 wire solar radiation sensor

( Calibrated  to sea level)

Repeater Transmitters
have been added to the sensor's
to extend the reception distance

I used a Ordinance Survey  map to get the height above sea level
at my station location then altered the weather software to compensate .

I  checked with the nearest airport
to make surer I have  entered the correct figures for my location.

sensor is a Oregon Scientific UVR 138 (Ultra-Violet)

Updated 1/02/2008
this sensor is now automated the data is being displayed
in whether display live for more information please Go to
Main webpage /uv1 project 
The interface has been made in house
for Model WMR928NX  weather station
I am using a Logitech®
Cordless QuickCam for
Live Sky conditions
in Weather Display

Rubber tubing
used for packing
Plastic mounting bracket came
with Oregon weather station
I had some stainless steel tube
from some old solar LED garden lights
there is a thread on the centre on the
mounting bracket the tube just  screws on
making perfect extension bars off the main pole

I decided to buy two aerial mounting poles with different diameters  1x7 ft and 1x6 ft
this will enable me to join them together with a rubber mount in between the two poles
the rubber mount acts as a packing and then bolted them together

Rain duration sensor mod

Rain duration sensor has been designed in-house
For Model WMR928NX weather station
Cloud Sensor Mod
We are no longer using a Professional Oregon Scientific Wireless Model WMR928NX Cheddleton weather station has been updated to a Professional 1 wire weather station

I have added a UV1 sensor and a rain duration sensor to the wireless Oregon station
the solar sensor is coming from a 1 wire system and there is also a wet leaf sensor, soil moisture sensor, lightning sensor
for calibration purposes I have a traditional Stevenson screen inside is fitted out with  Sheathed ordinary Hygrometer . Met Office pattern (BS692).  & Min and Max thermometer  in the vicinity there is a traditional rain gauge
items soon to be added to the weather  station automated radar lightning system, traditional barometer, traditional Piche Evaporimeter

I have now replaced the Oregon  barometer with a hobby board barometer
It reads pressure from 28-32 inHg (948-1083 mb). It's resolution is 0.01 inHg (0.34 mb).