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Below is a poem shared on Sunday morning as part of New Life Christian Fellowship's testimony service, it summarises the person's testimony.

A Bird With A Broken Wing

A bird with a broken wing,
The Lord saw it fall,
In so much pain,
It could not sing.

Who would understand,
who would hold it in their hand,
feeling all alone,
in this secluded barren land.

Did anyone know he was there?
Did anyone even care?
Oh why this broken wing,
Yesterday it could sing.
but look at what today would bring.

Soon night would fall,
Feeling unsafe and insecure,
on whom would he call and how could he sing, with this broken wing?

He took another look at his pain,
overwhelmed with grief and cried,
did anyone care if he even died?

Then a still small voice within said
"I am the lifter of your head"
Hope, strength and peace flowed from above, and clothed him in His Agape love.

Just trust and believe,
for my word is your seed.
Don't panic, just pray,
and help all those in need.

Then he sang  new song.
and he started to fly.
sing praises to The Lord
for He is exalted on high.

The key is to praise Him,
no matter what storm or disaster.
He'll turn your mourning to joy,
and sorrow into laughter.

So bird with a broken wing,
look to him and call,
And you will see His glory fall.

No bird that falls He does not know,
His grace, His mercy to you he'll show.
Give comfort to those who have been hurt, and show compassion and love to those in dirt.

Sing and let know,
the Saviour is at hand,
when you are broken,
it's with you he'll stand.

So be still and listen,
for that bird with a broken wing.
If you'll help him and listen,
you will hear him sing, Selah.

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