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Stevenson screen

fitted with Sheathed ordinary Hygrometer .
Met Office pattern (BS692).
Temperature measuring range -30C to 45C.

Traditional gauges used for assisting calibration
EL-USB-2  data logger
Whirling hydrometer

Min and Max thermometer on the left side

Small fan is fitted to the left side to help with air flow

Added 1/ soil thermometer  01/02/2007

Added 1/ thermometer for concrete slab 400mmx400mm  24/02/2007
TM-206 Portable Solar Power Meter Measuring Solar Radiation Emitted Meter

Digital Thermometer - industry, laboratory
Maximum reading:
150 km/h, 42 m/s,
81 knots, 97 mph, 138 fps
UV Sensor

UV index range ........0 -15
SPF range.................0 -100
skin tone options.......4
temperature sensor... oC or oF
we use this manual rain gauge to check against our automated modified Davies rain gauge only used for calibration purposes

Casella, London, W5002 Copper Rain Water Measuring Gauge Rainfall with calibrated glass measuring jar

This is another rain gauge we use on a regular basis to check against our automated rain gauge, this is in use all year round

How to make a evaporimetre