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Line Reader
When there is a lot of text on my computer screen ,I use line reader this programme allows me to create lines alongside my cursor. There are many options, you can change the colour and the thickness of the lines,and you can have different filters between the lines. This programme  helps to keep your eye on the line of text you are looking at, it is very easy to lose your place but with this application you know where you are as there is a coloured line under the text you are looking at,the line follows the cursor so you can position a line under any text in any application. There are options to magnify the text, you alter the thickness of one of the lines then select the magnify options in the control panel. There are many more options to get a good understanding on how this programme works, please go to the following website and play the video which will show you all the features in this programme www.iconico.com

Have a look at the starting guide it gives you more of an overview of the programme