DIY Solar Radiation Jar
This is my attempt of making a solar sensor.
I managed to find in a junk shop  a laboratory flask 150ml .I am going
to mount the sensor inside the flask. I have used two pieces of plastic
1 at 22 mm in diameter and one at 5 mm diameter ,I will be painting this black
I am hoping to mount this in the up right position
like a lamp bulb,
the unit itself  will be encased in a waterproof plastic box ,
it will be interesting to see if this affects the transmission of the signal.
using the global shaped laboratory flask
should give a more focused heat which will increase the accuracy.
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3 Channel Temperature Probe  :: THC238
This special wireless remote temperature sensor with 3m cable probe works with most Oregon Scientific 433 mhz consoles. The probe can be used in water, in a freezer or even in soil.
21/11/2006 Solar sensor,
Added a black tube which clips on to the probe,this has improved response time
Solar jar sensor has been working for some time now
there has been no problems with this sensor
recently I started a 1 wire weather station, to complement and expand on sensors
that are not available with the Oregon station
replaced on 02/05/2007
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