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First thing we need to do is connect  pin leg VDD AND GND together. Please see image,

The temperature sensor chip needs the  outer leg pins joining together , some people use a small piece of wire soldered to each of the outside pins
or you can bend one pin leg over to the other side , make sure that the centre pin is not making any contact to the other leg pins, then solder the joint ,

I use some heat shrink tubing, on the centre pin ,

Connect  wire  to the pin leg GND and  to the pin leg DQ ( these wires are used to connect to your 1 wire network,
make sure they are long enough to reach where you are going to position the temperature probe

No diode is used in this example,

To waterproof the temperature sensor. The method I use is a felt -tip pen casing or you could use a small tube ,, slide in the temperature chip with the connecting wires, then fill
With hot melt glue it's important that you get the tube sealed both ends
Please see image
This is a simple method of adding a Dallas (DS18S20) temperature chip to a 1 wire weather station