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Audio Notetaker  is a revolutionary software  package to help with navigating,   annotating and organising digital recordings. Ideal for lectures, meetings and interviews.
Audio notetaker is very easy to use, my favourite features are the highlighting of important points in the recording
with the addition of adding images and  text.

When you run the programme for the first time a tutorial will load, it is so easy to follow as the tutorial  is in an audio recording, it is very easy to follow and takes about 5 to 10 min.
I would recommend going through the tutorial as it gives you a quick start on how to get to most of the features, I had to play the audio recording of the tutorial several times, this was due to my dyslexia getting the better of me,it is worth persisting.
The first process is to decide how you are going to record  your audio notes, there are many different types of digital data recorders, you want to make sure you choose a recorder that will record the audio file in *.wav this is the format I prefer to use you can also use *.wma ,*.mp3 formats , I decided to use my smartphone as I could use an app to record my notes, if you use an iPod touch, iPod phone the audio format will be in *. m4a  this is not a big problem because you can use a file converter to change the format,  for more information please refer to the audio notetaker recorder articles.

The above Audio note has been highlighted I've used red which indicates important points in my recording, I have used a small image which helps me to recognise what my note is about, I've used a text description.