Welcome to Weather-Above
Dual Counter
Lamp Holder
Halogen bulb
1 wire Rain gauge conversion
using a Davis  Rain Gauge
Temperature Control box
Thermostat Kit
Weather above  is now using a Davies rain gauge, with a Hobby board counter,The rain collector has been lined inside with installation to help retain some of the heat from the heating lamp. Having a heated rain gauge this will able weather display software to calculate the amount of snow to liquid equivalent  from the heated rain gauge based on a formula that will work out the approximate Snow depth

I have fitted a halogen bulb inside the casing this is controlled by a thermostat 

I am using a 12v  20W halogen bulb this will maintain a constant temperature and switches in and out  when it reaches the setpoint,the thermostat control was brought in a kit form from Maplin Electronics 4.99.
the rain gauge heater using a halogen light ball as being removed and has been updated with a new controller and a circuit board housing wire wound resistors this gives optimum results for melting snow