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1 wire Powerline injection circuit  + Power Surge  circuit board
This  circuit board as  5 V DC and 12 V DC for the one wire power lines, the Powerline injection circuit board has fuse protection on both powerlines .  The  LEDs  indicate if there's a problem on the power lines ,

This circuit board needs 12 V DC-15 V DC power supply which connects to a terminal block there are two RJ 45 sockets that allow to connect to the one wire network,

There is an option to add a second circuit board which has a surge protection circuit ,

Connections for the surge protector are marked as (B) DQ  (B) GND  and (A) DQ  (A) GND

Please see image fig 4

Lightning surge protection circuit board connections

The terminal blocks correspond to the terminals on the powerline injection circuit board, There is a terminal block marked as ground  chassis. I suggest connecting this to a earth point on your computer metal case ,

For more information about the  surge circuit board click on the link surge protection,

Circuit Diagram
PCB Artwork
 Surge Layout
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fig 4
Please note

If no surge protection circuit board is being used the need to keep the links closed

When the surge protection circuit board is connected you need to have the links open