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Scale X2
VR19V Maplin Electronics
Circuit board Actual size 1:1
Small cable tie


leave enough of the legs on the chip to bend
over the board and spray the board with a protective lacquer
secure the network cable using a small piece of wire

Slide 1 is showing the finished temperature probe.
Slide the circuitboard into a tube then fill the tube with a waterproof Silicon sealant

Slide 2
I have secured the cable by using a small piece of copper wire

Slide 3
All components are mounted I used a small piece of shrink wrap tubing
on the cable end

this design is based on John Bennett
The casing used on this temperature probe is a large marker pen
please wear disposable gloves

Remove the plug at the bottom of the pen.  I used a small screwdriver
to prise the plug out

Remove the ink cartridge dispose of this carefully
pull out the tip of the pen using some pliers

I use silicon sealant to seal top and bottom
At the top where the cable comes out put a small piece of heat sink tubing
And sprayed it black.  As you can see, it makes an excellent casing for this project
Probe casing number 2
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