Full graph scale "counts" indicate a close, strong storm to the station
The Flash-to-Bang (F-B) Method requires no dedicated detector: only counting the time in seconds from seeing lightning’s flash, to seeing the associated thunder or bang. For each five seconds, lightning is one mile away. Thus, a F-B of 10 = 2 miles; 15 = 3 miles; 20 = 4 miles; etc. 

Some lightning sensors have problems with electrical
interference this comes from electrical  appliances that
produce noise.  This sensor may produce false counts

Hobby boards 1 wire Lightning  senor   only  records  lightning  counts

The number of strikes is increasing, as the storm gets
more intense, or that its getting closer , and more in range

The lightning sensor has been updated  with a new circuit from hobby boards   this will cut down the amount of interferencethis

Weather data is based on amateur readings
and should not be interpreted as being totally accurate.
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