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Blown  fuse indicator to protect 12 V supply lines
Artwork and layout designed by
Michael Parry Thomas
I have introduced this circuit to the 12 V supply lines on the 1 wire weather station
I am using the hobby boards, power injection circuit, after having a small, short on a component
and damaging several transformers I decided that the system needs some sort of protection.

You could  easily add a inline fuse to your system

I wanted something that would give me a visual indication on the fuse status, the LED will continually be on
if a short occurs, the fuse will blow and the LED will flash

1A 2 pin terminal block on the board this is where the fuse holder
is connected or you can removed the terminal block and solder
a fuse, terminal holder

The IN CN2 terminal is going to be connected to a chassis-Mount 2.1 mm. DC socket from Maplin Electronics
The OUT CN1 terminal block will have a short lead to a D. C. power Plug 2.1 mm

The power injection board from hobby boards uses a transformer with a power plug 2.1 mm.
Plug the transform  into the chassis mounted socket coming from the  fuse protection circuit
Then plug in the power plug from the fuse protection circuit  into the power injection board box from hobby boards

1 /  Chassis-Mount 2.1 mm. DC socket

1 /  DC Power plug 2.1 mm
The new circuit will fit into a standard BT box Size 65mm x 65mm
1 amp Fuse + Terminal [CN3]
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